MLK Day of Service

We started off difficult.  We didn't really know where we belonged.  We thought the service project started at nine and went to 42nd and Powelton.  We walked into a weird church that smelled.  Once we got in they told us they didn't have any room for us.  There was seven of us from the team and ourselves, Lonnie and Shermanique.  Apparently, we went to the wrong service project and since the spaces were full, we were turned away.

Ann left to go find out where the right service project was located.  In the mean time, we went to the McDonalds on 40th and Walnut.  Roger ordered a McSkillet.  Ms. R and Ann ordered a McMuffin.  According to them, it was delicious.  Much to our surprise, a older man came into the McDonalds and said "Excuse me! Excuse me! Can I have the sweetest thing you have in here?"  He then walked over to one of the employees and kissed her on the cheek.  He said it was his sister, but we were all thinking he was going to rob the McDonalds.  We later saw the same guy on 40th and Market passing out papers.  He said "I see all you doing your thing, I am going to do mine."  That was weird.

We finally found Adam Shepard who was in charge of our service project where we picked up trash from 40th street to 48th street on Market.  So much trash we picked up.  Roger actually spilled garbage juice on him.  Lakeem said that he liked it and would do it again.  Shermanique liked everything about it except the garbage juice.  Next time, we should do a service project that doesn't involve picking up trash after it rains.

Once we hit West, we took a picture of all the trash we picked up infront of the school.  We scrubbed our hands for a long time with soap and water.  After a little break, Shermaniqe, Lakeem, Epiphany, Shanea, and Ms. R went around the school to pick up more trash.  In total, we picked up three bags of trash around Hansom and Locust.

In all, it was a great day of service.  Currently, there are a bunch of students working in the shop to meet the Jan 29 deadline for the Philadelphia Car Show.

Ride or Die

Lakeem Martin, Shermanique Byrant, and Ms. R

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