Wait til next year

I was born a Phillies fan in 1952. I lived through the heartbreaking pennant race of 1964, but I knew we could wait until next year. Sixteen years later, in 1980, the Phillies finally won the World Series. It was their first World Series victory in the 97 years since the team’s founding. Folks in Chicago have been waiting for 102 next years for the Cubs to win the Series.


As a matter of fact, with exception of New York Yankees fans, most baseball enthusiasts have lived through countless sad Octobers. But every April, we are again filled with hope and anticipation. We celebrate the tremendous potential of spring and make our way to the ballpark with dreams of our victory this year.

What happens if there is no next year? What if there is no more baseball? No chance for redemption? That’s the question the West Philly Hybrid X Team has been contemplating since our elimination from the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE in June. For three years we spent virtually every waking hour working on our X PRIZE entries. Quite a few nights were consumed by X PRIZE dreams and nightmares, as well. Then it ended. Just like that. No more X PRIZE.

Our abrupt exit from the Michigan International Speedway created some time and space for us to reflect on our accomplishments and think about what’s next. Simon committed to slowing down our work so we could ensure the maximum amount of learning for the Team members. Instead of prepping for the World Series, we would play catch in the park and really work on our fundamentals. As a result, our summer program has been terrific. Half the crew is working on the cars, increasing their fuel efficiency. The other half is designing their ideal school.

But, slowing down doesn’t really allow Simon to hit his sweet spot. Not at all. That’s why he found another competition for us. Of course, we will have two entries, at least. And that’s why I am working at night and blogging on Sunday.

Who knew that our summer program was going to turn into spring training? Not me, that’s for sure. We’ll be sending you programs and scorecards soon. In the mean time, get your cold beer and your hot dog; get a seat on the aisle. Maybe next year….



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