Victory Lane

West Philly High beat another Ivy League University today. Cornell University was among 43 other cars that didn’t make it to the Winner’s Circle at Watkins Glen for the Green Grand Prix. However, EVX GT was there and it looked marvelous. The EVX GT won the 100 mile fuel economy Road Rally, while the Chevy Volt won the 50 mile fuel economy Road Rally. The GT had the best fuel economy of any car in the competition.

Wow! What a day. The Team left West Philly Thursday evening making our way up the Northeast Extension of the Turnpike and up through New York State to Watkins Glen. It seemed like our heads had just hit the pillow when the 6AM wake-up call came. Then it was down to breakfast and out to the beautiful Watkins Glen International race track.

We cleared tech inspection and the GT hit the sales at a little over 2,000 pounds. We got to reconnect with a number of X PRIZE competitors and see a wide array of alternative fuel vehicles. There was an electric car built in 1898, a Chevy Volt, a Chevy Fuel Cell vehicle, a Model “A” powered by propane and a number of amazing hand built cars. Check out some of our pictures on Flickr.

After 2 hours of on-track racing we were back in tech garage. We sent a small expeditionary party to McDonald’s to pick up lunch while the rest of us celebrated the Turtles candy company sponsoring the Green Grand Prix. NOTE: Do not ask Roger how many Turtles he ate. Then we got the nod. “Keep it quiet, but take your car to the Winner’s Circle.” We had achieved more than 100 MPGe on the Watkins Glen Race Course, which was tailor-made for the GT.  Amazing.

By now we expect incredible things from the EVX Team.  That’s why we entered two competitions this spring. Now that we’ve won the Green Grand Prix, we need your help in the Conrad Foundation’s Spirit of Innovation. Please click here and vote for the EVX Team. We’re up against the best high schools in the country. Thanks!

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