New York City: Here We Come

I read it in Popular Mechanics. It is official; the members of the EVX Team will receive Popular Mechanics Next Generation Award on Monday, October 11, 2011. We will be honored at a program in New York City, along with James Cameron, who will be given the Breakthrough Leadership Award. All of this is part of Popular Mechanics 7th Annual Breakthrough Awards event.

The Awards Ceremony will be held high above Central Park in Hearst Tower tomorrow evening. Earlier in the day, Simon Hauger, Azeem Hill, Stefon Gonzalez and Brandon Ford will kick-off the Breakthrough Conference.

The list of honorees and panelists at this event is awe-inspiring. While James Cameron’s achievements as a moviemaker are legendary, some of the other award recipients are just as impressive. We will be joining those who work on the Mars Rover, advance commercial space flight, create off-the shelf blood cells, and pioneer work that is enabling paralyzed individuals to walk. Others will be honored for work creating tiny cell phone towers, robotic hummingbirds, creating water purifying systems, high altitude turbines, and reinventing the internal combustion engine.

Our slideshow is prepared. The speeches are written. The teeshirts, press packets and postcards are packed. What a day is in store for us! What an awesome way to spend a school holiday.

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