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EVX Focus

An everyday vehicle for young, urban drivers.

The EVX Focus is a parallel plug-in hybrid built on the Ford Focus Chassis. This vehicle uses a two-cylinder 80 HP Harley-Davidson engine coupled to a 60 HP Azure Dynamics electric motor driving the front wheels. The electric motor is powered by a 15 kWh Lithium Ion battery pack from International Battery. This vehicle is a four-dour sedan that seats five people.

The custom designed control system will permit our parallel hybrid drive to function like a series hybrid under certain conditions optimizing the efficiency of the vehicle. The EVX Focus is a true flex fuel vehicle, capable of burning both gasoline and biobutanol.


The EVX Focus will deliver the kind of performance that drivers want in a compact car. It is attractive, has sufficient horsepower to negotiate both city and highway driving conditions and will be fun to drive with an interactive dashboard system for music and communications. In this vehicle, typical performance - with the exception of mileage and emissions - is exactly where we want to be.

We are not marketing the EVX Focus as a high performance vehicle. It is a vehicle that will be sought out by young, urban buyers. This is a vehicle you can use to drive your friends down the shore. It will be the car in the parking lot of the day care center, the farmer's market, and Ikea. It will look good in the car share lot. It won't be drag racing down Columbus Boulevard.

Curb Weight:
2809 lbs.
140 HP
150 ft-lbs.
Acceleration (0-60MPH):
less than 9 seconds
Top Speed:
Highway MPGe:
City MPGe:
Tier II, Bin 5
Capacity - Interior Volume (cu. ft.):
Capacity - Cargo with all seats in place (cu. ft.):