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The Progressive Automotive X PRIZE

The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE was an international competition to build cars that achieve 100 MPGe.

The competition was launched in 2007. The EVX Team was one of 111 teams originally entered in the competition. After a series of technical reports and business plan submission, the field was trimmed to 41 teams from around the world that competed for $10 million in prizes. Here's how the competition was described by the X Prize Foundation:

The goal of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE is to inspire a new generation of viable, super efficient vehicles to offer consumers more choices and make their lives better as a result. We are at a remarkable moment in time when promising new automotive technologies can meet growing consumer demand. The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE seeks to increase global awareness of more fuel efficient, clean vehicle options, enabling their development and stimulating marketplace demand.

$10 million in prizes were awarded after a series of on-track stage races at the Michigan International Speedway. The EVX Team entered two vehicles, the EVX Focus and the EVX GT. In April 2010, both cars made it through the Shakedown Stage. They were one of only 21 teams to proceed to the Knockout Stage in June 2010, where both EVX Team cars failed to advance to the final stage.

While the EVX cars did not win, they were invited to display their cars at the Awards Ceremony in Washington, DC, in September 2010. The Team was invited to the White House by President Barack Obama where their performance in the X PRIZE was lauded.

Ann Cohen

Ann Cohen serves as the Manager of the EVX Team and as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Workshop School’s non-profit partner Project Based Learning, Inc. In 2008 she retired from a long career as an AFSCME Union President representing City of Philadelphia employees. In her capacity with the Union, Cohen spearheaded the successful Joint AFSCME and City of Philadelphia Internship and Apprenticeship Program that, since 1993, has worked with scores of high school students. The Apprenticeship Program has moved over fifty (50) high school students into full time city employment in the Office of Fleet Management. Prior to her involvement with the EVX Team, she built the first passive solar house in the city of Philadelphia. She also serves on the Occupational Advisory Committee for the Workshop School’s Automotive programs of study.

Simon Hauger

Simon Hauger is the Principal of the Workshop School, a project-based high school in the School District of Philadelphia. Simon has a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering and Masters of Science in Instruction from Drexel University. In 1998, he began the innovative Electric Vehicle Program where he led students in designing, building, and competing with alternative fuel vehicles. Through the Team's participation in the Automotive X PRIZE Simon was able to show the world the potential of the students to whom he has dedicated his career. In 2010, President Barack Obama recognized the accomplishments of Simon and the EVX Team. In 2011, Simon co-founded, the Sustainability Workshop, an alternative senior year program for students from three School District of Philadelphia public high schools that operated as a partnership with the School District, the Energy Efficient Buildings (EEB) Hub and Drexel University. The Workshop was located at The Navy Yard in South Philly. After the success of the Sustainability Workshop, the School Reform Commission established the Workshop School as a grades 9 through 12 high school where students continue to build cutting edge alternative fuel vehicles with Simon’s guidance.

Jeremy Proffitt

Jeremy is the owner of Ezodesign and designed this website. Ezodesign has developed web applications and user interfaces for several Fortune 500 companies and designs for small to medium size businesses and non-profit organizations. Jeremy was a member of the Progressive Automotive X Prize team and works with his church's high school youth group when he's not spending time with his beautiful wife and 3 sons in Media, PA.

Michael Lumb started working on cars at Simon Gratz high school. He entered the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Fleet Management (OFM) Internship program in the 11th grade . Mr. Lumb worked for over 15 years for OFM where he became an Auto Body Technician. Michael is currently the teacher of the auto body class at the Workshop School. He is also responsible for all the body work for the 818 project. He and his class are also designing and building a T-Top roof for the car.